Does Starbucks use special type espresso makers?

Every coffee lover in the world who has tasted the wonderful coffee of Starbucks wonders what kind of special equipment they use to make it. Sadly, sometimes even the most expensive espresso machine is unable to provide the high quality coffee we want to drink at home, at the office and everywhere else. Although, some people find the coffee made at Starbucks mediocre, they still would like to know how to make it that way.

Starbucks baristaThe fragrant and tasty coffee, which a big part of the world buys every morning before work from some of the multiple Starbucks shops, seems impossible to make at home. On the question asked by many, if Starbucks has its own brand of espresso machine, the answer is no. The establishment makes and sells coffee and other coffee based drinks, but does not manufacture machines.

At the beginning, Starbucks used the La Marzocco Linea espresso machines, which required some barista training and skills to operate. But, because of the fast grow of the business they had to switch to more practical espresso machines, such as the super automatic ones. Today, they use espresso machines made especially for Starbucks in Switzerland.

The Mastrena Super Automatic espresso machine is easy to operate even by baristas with no training. They make coffee with the press of a single button and are appropriate for the needs of the modern coffee shop. The espresso machine is made exclusively for the needs of Starbucks and cannot be found at the market. However, if you think that there is something special about Mastrena espresso machines, then you are wrong, as they have all the characteristics of the super automatic machines you find at the market. If you are in market for an espresso machine, The Edge is a great resource. It examines consumer reviews posted on reliable sites, analyzes them and recommends the best espresso machines.

Starbucks espresso machineTherefore, if you want to be able to make at home the same coffee you buy at Starbucks it is not the machine you should consider. No! What makes the coffee made there unique is the special and secret blend of beans they use in the process. And that is something you can try doing at home.

In conclusion, Starbucks does not use any special espresso machines, but has its own blend of coffee beans. You could easily find at the market better coffee makers than the ones they use, but it would be probably hard for you to make the same blend of coffee beans.