Just purchased Aroma Rice Cooker

I love rice. I can eat it for like 365 days in a row. I love it so much that all my eat – outs have one thing or other made up of rice. I love to eat it with curries, chicken, meat balls, Manchurian, soya chunks, sweet rice, fried rice, rice fritters, and a lot more. I have even tried out various Indian dishes of rice such as Biryani. I don’t love the spices that much, but rice, I absolutely cherish. Hence, having a rice cooker of my own is a must for my kitchen. I have been living on my own since past 10 years and have been cooking for myself since Day 1. I have used a lot of rice cookers; Around 3 or 4. But the nicest one I have encountered till date which is in my budget too is Aroma Professional 12 cup cooker.

perfect riceI purchased the cooker a few days back and have been very glad to own it since then. The cooker cooks perfectly steamed and tasty rice, is armed with loads of features and comes in my budget too. The Aroma Professional Rice Cooker has functions which can be used easily and are not complex. The programmable digital controls comprise of controls for White Rice, Brown Rice, Steam and a keep-warm feature which is automatic. The pan is non-stick and the rice really doesn’t stick to it during cooking. The cooker works perfectly and even comes with a 15 hour delay timer which proves handy when you have to plan cooking your meals.

The other accessories include rice cup or measure, spatulas and steaming tray. I have always been a fan of the steamed vegetables and enjoy them every now and then. The Aroma Households has mastered manufacturing gadgets at very low rates as compared to the other high quality brands such as Zojirushi and still maintain the quality. I have browsed a lot of customer reviews over the internet and have come across very meager amount of the negative reviews for the Aroma Rice Cooker. I mean, I positively think that you will not be able to find any other cooker for $40 with so many features and a promise of quality.

Aroma rice cookerAroma offers different ranges of the rice cookers such as the regular range, Specialty Range, Non-Stick Range, Pot-Style Range, Stainless Steel Range, Cool-Touch Range and the Commercial Range. The cookers in all the ranges are perfectly affordable and one can rest assured of the quality of the rice cooker. The Aroma Rice Cookers come with different technical qualities and are suitable for the tech savvy as well as regular persons. You can cook almost all kinds of rice in the Aroma Rice Cookers such as Brown Rice, Spanish Rice, Sweet Rice etc.

The steamers trays and other accessories come in different materials such as plastic, glass, stainless steel etc. The price varies from model to model and from material to material. There are around 60 models of the Aroma Rice Cookers which are all perfect and can be purchased as per your requirement.

Once you have bought and used an Aroma Rice Cooker, you can very easily say that Aroma Rice Cookers are the best budget cookers. Check out more of the best rice cookers at Chef Brazil.