My Experience With Green Star Juicer

Green Star JuicerWith more and more people becoming increasingly health conscious, consuming juices is part of a daily routine at many households. After much forethought and consideration, I bought a Green Star juicer for my daily juicing requirements.¬†It is close to a year that I have been using the Green Star juicer, and the experience of juicing only gets enriched with every glass of juice I consume. This juicer is also JUICER’S favorite, and was rated as the best twin gear juicer of 2015.

Green star twin gearsThe Green Star juicer is a masticating juicer that kneads, crushes, and presses the produce very efficiently. It operates using twin gears that are made of stainless steel with plastic ends. They are patented with magnets and bio-ceramic materials within. The magnets and bio-ceramic materials extract greater levels of nutrition from the produce while giving out fresh juice that is rich in enzymes and vitamins. The twin gears operate at a low speed (110 RPM), which helps to slow down the oxidation process to a large extent thereby, retaining the nutritional value of the juice for a longer duration. There is hardly any heat that is produced which again assists in retaining the enzyme content in the juice. In fact, the technology of twin gears that is adopted in the Green Star juicer helps in refrigerating juices for up to two days, without much loss to its nutritional value. Sometimes, when I am in a hurry it saves me a lot of time when I can drink the refrigerated juice.

The automatic pulp ejection allows you to continuously juice. The juicer comes with a jug and assembling the juicer is easy. The product even offers a 5-year warranty on its motor, twin gears, and plastic parts.

Initially, I felt the outlet knob was quite uneasy to adjust and I took a while to get adjusted to it. Different varieties of produce require different levels of adjustments. After using the juicer for about 4 months I realized that by adjusting the settings properly and balancing the juice outlet and the pulp outlet, the results achieved were fantastic. The Green Star juicer hardly gets clogged with excess pulp, unlike a regular juicer where the feeding chamber gets clogged frequently.

As per the manual, we can achieve better results by feeding the produce slowly into the feeder. Thus, by allowing the produce to come in contact with the magnetic field present between the gears, the efficiency of the juicer is increased.

The technology adopted in the Green Star juicer makes it quite durable and long lasting. I have used the Green Star juicer for juicing leafy greens, almost all vegetables and fruits. It can even juice kale, beets, and wheatgrass. You can even make baby foods, sorbet, and nut butter using this spectacular juicer. A cleaning brush which is double sided makes cleaning the juicer quite a simple task. The juicer is portable and easy to fetch as well.

At times when I have guests at home, I make different varieties of juice and to this day have only heard praises of how yummy the juice tastes or how am I able to make so many glasses of juice in less amount of time.

wheatgrass juiceIf detox is on your mind, then this magic juicer can easily make 10-13 liters of beetroot juice and about 10-15 glasses of wheatgrass juice. The best part of using the Green Star juicer is that it has helped me experiment with exotic varieties of fruit punch recipes, few of which have become an all time favorite of my kids, who enjoy and relish the taste of every sip.

The juice recipes that I make using the Green Star juicer, has been a great way to supplement the much needed nutrition to my kids in a fun loving manner. They sometimes act as appetizers and boost energy levels refreshing my family immediately. I am glad that I have a Green Star juicer as part of my kitchen. You can read more about Green Star Elite juicer here.