Benefits of Investing in a Good Quality Cookware Set

Le Creuset CookwareI have always believed in buying good quality things. Be it cookware, gadgets, appliances, clothes, shoes anything. Quality speaks for itself, right? I mean place one skillet of Le Creuset and another one of any other brand on a counter and you can easily distinguish one from the other. The finish, the ease of handling, cleaning, using, and the life of both of them will differ by a large time interval.

There are a number of other Benefits of Investing in a Good Quality Cookware Set which are mentioned in the following section for all my readers. I hope after reading them, you will invest in a good cookware and reap all the benefits.

high quality cookwareThe good quality will never give you wrong timings. I mean, the heating will be done uniformly and you can rest assured that your food will not turn out unevenly cooked owing to overheating at the thinned out surfaces and under-heating at the others. The cooking time will be accurate and planning your food cooking will also be easy. The good quality cookware will never taste like rust or any other chemical in your mouth. Once, the cookware has reached its life, it starts leeching in the food and leaves a metallic taste in it. This is more prevalent in the low quality cookware as the high quality cookware doesn’t get eroded in time. The longevity of the good quality cookware spans over decades. Even if the cookware has started eroding, you will not feel the metallic taste owing to the fact that the metal reacts in very less proportion.

Stainless steel cookwareThe good quality cookware set is durable, non-reactive to most of the food items, gets cleaned easily, is easy to maintain and doesn’t get stained permanently. For example, consider the stainless steel cookware which doesn’t get stained easily no matter what you cook in it. It is a well known fact that good quality cookware will help you in preparing good quality food too. The taste of the food will be distinct as it will be cooked properly.

By investing money in a high quality cookware you can rest assured that you will not need to replace it for decades. The extra cost of purchasing the best cookware set can turn out to cost less than it would to replace broken pans and pots. The quality cookware will serve you longer than any other cookware. After cooking, cleaning the good quality cookware will also be easier as compared to the cheap cookware that tends to get too hot easily and get gunk and grit stuck on the cooking surface. They require more soaking and lot of elbow effort to get cleaned.

And finally, appearance matters, Right?? The good quality cookware will look good you kitchen and you will not feel embarrassed in front of your friends while trying to cook hash potatoes in your discolored skillet. Even the enameled surface will not get chipped away easily from the good quality cookware. Hence, all the pieces will remain shiny till the end of their days.

So, what are still waiting for, put your shopping shoes on and buy that cookware which you always wanted to buy. Piece by piece, build your collection and make your kitchen as good as new.

Just purchased Aroma Rice Cooker

I love rice. I can eat it for like 365 days in a row. I love it so much that all my eat – outs have one thing or other made up of rice. I love to eat it with curries, chicken, meat balls, Manchurian, soya chunks, sweet rice, fried rice, rice fritters, and a lot more. I have even tried out various Indian dishes of rice such as Biryani. I don’t love the spices that much, but rice, I absolutely cherish. Hence, having a rice cooker of my own is a must for my kitchen. I have been living on my own since past 10 years and have been cooking for myself since Day 1. I have used a lot of rice cookers; Around 3 or 4. But the nicest one I have encountered till date which is in my budget too is Aroma Professional 12 cup cooker.

perfect riceI purchased the cooker a few days back and have been very glad to own it since then. The cooker cooks perfectly steamed and tasty rice, is armed with loads of features and comes in my budget too. The Aroma Professional Rice Cooker has functions which can be used easily and are not complex. The programmable digital controls comprise of controls for White Rice, Brown Rice, Steam and a keep-warm feature which is automatic. The pan is non-stick and the rice really doesn’t stick to it during cooking. The cooker works perfectly and even comes with a 15 hour delay timer which proves handy when you have to plan cooking your meals.

The other accessories include rice cup or measure, spatulas and steaming tray. I have always been a fan of the steamed vegetables and enjoy them every now and then. The Aroma Households has mastered manufacturing gadgets at very low rates as compared to the other high quality brands such as Zojirushi and still maintain the quality. I have browsed a lot of customer reviews over the internet and have come across very meager amount of the negative reviews for the Aroma Rice Cooker. I mean, I positively think that you will not be able to find any other cooker for $40 with so many features and a promise of quality.

Aroma rice cookerAroma offers different ranges of the rice cookers such as the regular range, Specialty Range, Non-Stick Range, Pot-Style Range, Stainless Steel Range, Cool-Touch Range and the Commercial Range. The cookers in all the ranges are perfectly affordable and one can rest assured of the quality of the rice cooker. The Aroma Rice Cookers come with different technical qualities and are suitable for the tech savvy as well as regular persons. You can cook almost all kinds of rice in the Aroma Rice Cookers such as Brown Rice, Spanish Rice, Sweet Rice etc.

The steamers trays and other accessories come in different materials such as plastic, glass, stainless steel etc. The price varies from model to model and from material to material. There are around 60 models of the Aroma Rice Cookers which are all perfect and can be purchased as per your requirement.

Once you have bought and used an Aroma Rice Cooker, you can very easily say that Aroma Rice Cookers are the best budget cookers. Check out more of the best rice cookers at Chef Brazil.

Why Everyone Needs a Bread Machine

bread machineBack in the days no one could really imagine that with a click of a button, you would get a slice of bread, even whole and entire bread. People used to prepare bread by hand and merely through manual work. However, that does not always have to be the case. Nowadays, baking bread at home without using your hands is more than possible with the help a bread machine. There are many reasons people would want to purchase a bread machine, starting from not wanting to buy readily available bread to the taste of the bread that differs once it is home made. More specifically, the reasons why you would need to buy a bread machine include:

  • Less expenses,
  • Customized bread,
  • Better taste,
  • Less mess in the kitchen, and
  • Chance to make other things except bread.

When you buy a bread machine, you do not need to purchase bread on daily basis any longer. And who wouldn’t want to save a few pennies down the road all while having the opportunity to have tasty bread? You get to make your own bread whether you want gluten-free bread or home-cooked one. Despite this, you can make other things besides bread. The bread machine offers you the chance to make pizzas, baguettes, hamburger and even hot dog buns, among other versatile options. Moreover, the kitchen will no longer be a mess and you will be able to get the bread you want with the flour that you want to use for the bread-making process. All these options are at your disposition once you have set your mind to buy a bread machine. To ensure you buy only the best and recent bread machine, I would recommend you to check out bread machine reviews.

Zojirushi BB-HAC10 Bread MachineOne machine that I would personally recommend is Zojirushi BB-HAC10 Bread Machine. Considered to be among the best small bread machines, this particular one contains a number of features that differentiates it from all the others. One such feature is its menu and baking settings. The settings to bake basic bread, French, pizza dough or any other kind of dough, cake, and quick bread are added assets to this machine. It also has a 13 hours delayed cycle and the resulting loaves are vertical due to the machine’s limited size and capacity. Additionally, the machine has a quick baking cycle that allows the bread to be prepared in about 2 hours. Moreover, there are three options to choose the bread texture from, namely the firm, soft or the regular one. The Zojirushi BB-HAC10 also has the cookie or pasta dough which provides the chance to prepare pasta and cookies right from home and this particular bread machine.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and buy a bread machine right now to enjoy healthy bread right at the comfort of your home!

My Experience With Green Star Juicer

Green Star JuicerWith more and more people becoming increasingly health conscious, consuming juices is part of a daily routine at many households. After much forethought and consideration, I bought a Green Star juicer for my daily juicing requirements. It is close to a year that I have been using the Green Star juicer, and the experience of juicing only gets enriched with every glass of juice I consume. This juicer is also JUICER’S favorite, and was rated as the best twin gear juicer of 2015.

Green star twin gearsThe Green Star juicer is a masticating juicer that kneads, crushes, and presses the produce very efficiently. It operates using twin gears that are made of stainless steel with plastic ends. They are patented with magnets and bio-ceramic materials within. The magnets and bio-ceramic materials extract greater levels of nutrition from the produce while giving out fresh juice that is rich in enzymes and vitamins. The twin gears operate at a low speed (110 RPM), which helps to slow down the oxidation process to a large extent thereby, retaining the nutritional value of the juice for a longer duration. There is hardly any heat that is produced which again assists in retaining the enzyme content in the juice. In fact, the technology of twin gears that is adopted in the Green Star juicer helps in refrigerating juices for up to two days, without much loss to its nutritional value. Sometimes, when I am in a hurry it saves me a lot of time when I can drink the refrigerated juice.

The automatic pulp ejection allows you to continuously juice. The juicer comes with a jug and assembling the juicer is easy. The product even offers a 5-year warranty on its motor, twin gears, and plastic parts.

Initially, I felt the outlet knob was quite uneasy to adjust and I took a while to get adjusted to it. Different varieties of produce require different levels of adjustments. After using the juicer for about 4 months I realized that by adjusting the settings properly and balancing the juice outlet and the pulp outlet, the results achieved were fantastic. The Green Star juicer hardly gets clogged with excess pulp, unlike a regular juicer where the feeding chamber gets clogged frequently.

As per the manual, we can achieve better results by feeding the produce slowly into the feeder. Thus, by allowing the produce to come in contact with the magnetic field present between the gears, the efficiency of the juicer is increased.

The technology adopted in the Green Star juicer makes it quite durable and long lasting. I have used the Green Star juicer for juicing leafy greens, almost all vegetables and fruits. It can even juice kale, beets, and wheatgrass. You can even make baby foods, sorbet, and nut butter using this spectacular juicer. A cleaning brush which is double sided makes cleaning the juicer quite a simple task. The juicer is portable and easy to fetch as well.

At times when I have guests at home, I make different varieties of juice and to this day have only heard praises of how yummy the juice tastes or how am I able to make so many glasses of juice in less amount of time.

wheatgrass juiceIf detox is on your mind, then this magic juicer can easily make 10-13 liters of beetroot juice and about 10-15 glasses of wheatgrass juice. The best part of using the Green Star juicer is that it has helped me experiment with exotic varieties of fruit punch recipes, few of which have become an all time favorite of my kids, who enjoy and relish the taste of every sip.

The juice recipes that I make using the Green Star juicer, has been a great way to supplement the much needed nutrition to my kids in a fun loving manner. They sometimes act as appetizers and boost energy levels refreshing my family immediately. I am glad that I have a Green Star juicer as part of my kitchen. You can read more about Green Star Elite juicer here.

Does Starbucks use special type espresso makers?

Every coffee lover in the world who has tasted the wonderful coffee of Starbucks wonders what kind of special equipment they use to make it. Sadly, sometimes even the most expensive espresso machine is unable to provide the high quality coffee we want to drink at home, at the office and everywhere else. Although, some people find the coffee made at Starbucks mediocre, they still would like to know how to make it that way.

Starbucks baristaThe fragrant and tasty coffee, which a big part of the world buys every morning before work from some of the multiple Starbucks shops, seems impossible to make at home. On the question asked by many, if Starbucks has its own brand of espresso machine, the answer is no. The establishment makes and sells coffee and other coffee based drinks, but does not manufacture machines.

At the beginning, Starbucks used the La Marzocco Linea espresso machines, which required some barista training and skills to operate. But, because of the fast grow of the business they had to switch to more practical espresso machines, such as the super automatic ones. Today, they use espresso machines made especially for Starbucks in Switzerland.

The Mastrena Super Automatic espresso machine is easy to operate even by baristas with no training. They make coffee with the press of a single button and are appropriate for the needs of the modern coffee shop. The espresso machine is made exclusively for the needs of Starbucks and cannot be found at the market. However, if you think that there is something special about Mastrena espresso machines, then you are wrong, as they have all the characteristics of the super automatic machines you find at the market. If you are in market for an espresso machine, The Edge is a great resource. It examines consumer reviews posted on reliable sites, analyzes them and recommends the best espresso machines.

Starbucks espresso machineTherefore, if you want to be able to make at home the same coffee you buy at Starbucks it is not the machine you should consider. No! What makes the coffee made there unique is the special and secret blend of beans they use in the process. And that is something you can try doing at home.

In conclusion, Starbucks does not use any special espresso machines, but has its own blend of coffee beans. You could easily find at the market better coffee makers than the ones they use, but it would be probably hard for you to make the same blend of coffee beans.

Cookies & Corks

Cookies & Corks provides a unique tasting experience. Our natural, gourmet, sweet and savory cookies are crafted to pair with wine and contain distinctive ingredients like apricot, sage, dark chocolate, espresso, lemon, and sea salt – all perfect complements to the great wine varietals.

Our custom cookie and wine pairing guide makes selecting the perfect bottle of wine to match a box of our cookies a breeze. Whether given as a gift or used at a party, Cookies & Corks engages everyone as they experiment with different cookie and wine combinations. Nibble, Sip, Savor!

Our Story

In 2007, we met at a playgroup for our kids and quickly discovered we both had several things in common: while we loved the challenges of parenthood, we were two stay-at-home moms who missed our former high-energy careers.

While serving fresh baked cookies at a birthday party, Leah casually mentioned to Laura that her friends always told her to sell her delicious cookies but she wasn’t a “salesy” person. Laura quickly saw an opportunity and said, “I can do that!” And so it began.

CookieZen LLC formed in June 2009. We started selling the cookies in a local wine shop where Laura thought it would be fun to pair the cookies with wine. Always up for a baking challenge, Leah got out the mixing bowl and we started creating Cookies & Corks—sweet and savory cookies for wine pairing. Who knew that our little company with big, gourmet baked-to-order cookies baked out of Leah’s home kitchen would so radically change the course of our lives?

Over the next three years, we poured our hearts and souls into growing the business (trust us—diving headfirst into the retail food industry with zero background knowledge was not without its challenges!). We owe so much of our success to our incredibly supportive family and friends as well as the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade (NASFT) who was instrumental in putting us together with our packaging designer, food scientist (to increase shelf-life), pairing expert and several retailers.